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Filtration solutions for Chemicals & Solvents Manufacturers

Solvents used in the chemical, coatings or pharmaceutical industry can become contaminate with particulate during their manufacture, storage, or transportation prior to use. Finding small specks in the final product can cause failure during quality checks and require costly reprocessing or manufacture of a new batch as a complete replacement.

Filtration products to solve your chemicals and solvent challenges.

Colour removal

CleanPore Carbon filters remove colour to ensure that solvents are crystal clear.

Carbon Filters

Multi Industrial Housing

Acid or alkali filtration

For strong acid or bases then SurePore all PTFE membrane cartridges offer you the combination of chemical compatibility and filtration quality required.

PTFE Membrane Filters

Speck removal from solvents

PurePore PP depth filter cartridges are ideal for particulate removal from solvents and chemicals.

PP Pleated Depth Filters

Single Industrial Housing

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Filtration solutions for Chemicals & Solvents Manufacturers

Particulate contamination can happen at any stage of manufacturing as chemicals and solvents are used as raw materials (in APIs, inks, lacquers, paints) or encounters the final product during manufacture (washing, cleaning, regeneration of process equipment). Contaminates can also be introduced as part of the process, for example activated carbon (AC) introduction in API manufacture is remove colour from solutions. In fact, bulk quantities of AC are added near to the end of the manufacturing process and then need to be removed completely once they have done their job.

Although the filtration solution to remove particulate contamination is similar to other applications, that nature of chemicals and solvents cause far greater issues with material compatibility, and we also be a potential hazard caused by operator exposed. Therefore, design of these filtration systems, both cartridge and housing, needs careful selection to ensure long term safe, effective solutions are achieved.

Bag, depth, and pleated depth cartridges filters are all used strategically in guard filtration applications to ensure contamination is removed and our aim must always be to protect the people, the product, and the process.

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