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Filtration solutions for Parts Washing and Cleaning

In manufacturing production, the need for cleanliness has become key factor driving reliability and long-term service life. Finish goods performance and reliability is a function of the cleanliness of the components which they are built up from. For this reason, washing of components prior to assembly is self-evident; preventing contamination being introduced into the downstream process.

Filtration products to solve your parts washing and cleaning challenges.

Automotive engine assembly

PurePore PP pleated depth filters remove manufacturing debris from components.

PP Pleated Depth Filters

Depth Filters

Single Industrial Housing

Improved electroplating performance

CleanPore Carbon removes particulate and organics from recirculating plating solutions.

Carbon Filters

Depth Filters

Single Industrial Housing

Improve cleanliness of finished components

CleanPore Bag or depth filters clean washing fluids to improve reliability and service life.

Bag Filters

Depth Filters

Industrial Bag Filter Housing

Filtration solutions for Parts Washing and Cleaning Manufacturers

Continuous filtration of washing and rinse solutions, using bag or depth filters, enables recirculating bath systems to maintain the quality of the wash fluids being used. These types of system are prevalent in the automotive industry where all components in contact with vehicle fluids are now put through component cleaning procedure.

A similar situation applies to baths used in electroplating and metal finishing sectors. Recirculating baths are used, but it is necessary to remove all particulate and organics from plating solutions, otherwise particulate contamination will cause rough plating and a build-up of organics leads to hazy deposits and poor plating adhesion. The use of cartridge depth and carbon filters installed in the fluid recirculating lines prevents these issues

Other manufacturing processes that benefit from an improvement in fluid cleanliness are coolants used in machine tooling, metal working fluids and wash water recirculating lines. By removing contamination at component manufacturing stage, we are preventing possible downstream contamination which has the potential to impact long term performance of the finished product.

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