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Liquid Filter Housings

Filter housings for any liquid application whether cartridge, bag or carbon filter

Our liquid housing range includes both industrial and hygienic (sanitary) styles for prefiltration, guard, final or sterile filter applications. Liquid flows from 1 m3/hr to 2,500 m3/hr covered by single and multi-filter housing further extended by duplexing or triplexing housings.

Our liquid filter housings are manufactured in a range of materials - 304 & 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Polypropylene, GRP or PVC - to suit the application requirements. Filter housings are manufactured to the latest applicable standards and design codes - PED, ASME, ATEX, CE - and offered with closures and inlet/outlet connections to suit all applications. All filter housings comply with EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Industrial Filter Housings


St.st housing range for liquid industrial and steam applications. Flows between 1 to 200 m3/hr, pressure rated between 8 and 40 bar in single or muilti filter cartridge design.

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Hygienic Filter Housings

Hygenic housing range

316 st.st single and multi-round housings suitable for sterile or hygienic liquid filter applications, flows up to 75m3/hr and pressure rated to 10 bar.

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     Industrial Bag Filter Housings

Bag filter housing 1

St.st. housing range suitable for industrial liquid applications. Flows between 5 to 60 m3/hr in single or muilti filter bag designs. Pressure rated to 10 bar.

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Hygienic Bag Filter Housings


A bag filter housing design for liquid filtration in food & beverage applications. Manufactured in 316 st.st. with an internal surface finish of Ra<0.8-micron.

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HighFlow Filter Housings


A range of 316 st.st or GRP housings for larger scale industrial water applications catering for flows between 200 m3/hr to 1,400 m3/hr and rated to 10bar.

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Filtration Systems & Skids


We offer custom solutions such as skid-mounted configurations, duplex systems, jacketed for viscous fluids, and series arranged multiple filter housings. 

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