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Sterile Gas Filter Housings

Gas filter housings suitable for all sterile compressed gas applications


The PVG range is designed for sterile gas filter applications to remove contaminants from gases before they come into contact with liquids, solutions, or solids prior to their packaging preventing contamination and spoilage.

PVG housings minimise housing pressure loss by using sanitary wide-bore inlet/outlet connections and internal swept bends and prevent condensate blinding the filter cartridge by using a large phelum chamber. By minimising the pressure drop of the filter we reduce system running costs and ensure effective opration of the filtration system.

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Technical details

  • Housing material - 316 st.st

  • Housing Length - 10", 20" ,30"

  • No: of cartridges housed - 1, 3, 5, 7, 12

  • Flowrate - To 10,000 m3/hr

  • Cartridge mounting style - SOE (Code 7)

  • Surface finish - Internal: Mechanical polish/Fine brushed - External: Mirror polished

  • Inlet/Outlet connections - ASME BPE, DIN 11851, Flanged, Butt weld, BSP, RJT

  • Drain/vent connections - BSP

  • Closure type options - V-Clamp or bolted

  • Design codes - PED, ATEX

  • Suitable for SIP/CIP - Yes


  • Compressed gas filtration
  • Sterile filtration of N2, and CO2 in brewing
  • Phage removal and clean gases for filling in Diary and food processing.
  • Sterile gas for bioreactors and fermentors
  • Production of Enzymes, Critic Acid, Lysine and MSG

Technical details [Product A] 

Filter Medium Polypropylene
Available Lengths 

9.75" (24.8cm), 10.0" (25.4cm), 20.0" (50.8cm), 30.0" (76.2cm), 40.0" (101.6cm)

Available Micron Ratings 

0.5, 1,3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100μm

Internal Diameter 

1.1" (28mm) / 4.5" (114mm)

External Diameter 

2.5" (63mm)

Max Operating Temperature  XX degrees 
Maximum Differential Pressure

 60psid @ 70°F (4.1 Bar @ 30°C) 50psid @ 122°F (3.4 Bar @ 50°C) 30psid @ 158°F (2 Bar @ 70°C) 15psid @ 180°F (1 Bar @ 82°C)

Recommended Changeout Differential Pressure

37psid (2.5 Bar) @ 30°C


All filter bags are supplied free of Silicone. FDA Approved. EU XXX.




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  • Best Price GUARANTEED!
  • Specialist support team with deep knowledge of liquid & gas applications
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