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Gas Filter Housings

Designed to minimise compressor costs due to low differential pressure design

The PVG range of gas housings are designed for compressed gas sterile filtration applications, and PVV Vent Filter Housings are designed to allow storage and product tanks to breathe while in operation. Minimising differential pressure is key to effective operation and therefore their design includes sanitary wide-bore inlet/outlet connections, accept industry wide bore standard SOE code 7 cartridges (2x226 O-ring/Spear), internal swept bends and a large phelum chamber (PVG only) for condensate drainage. This ensures the optimum solution for a sterile gas filter application.

Sterile Gas Filter Housings


Gas cartridge filter housings for sterile compressed gas filtration in food, beverage, process water and healthcare applications.

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Tank Vent Filter Housings 

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Vent cartridge filter housing allowing sterile venting of non-pressurised tanks and vessels in food, beverage, water and healthcare.

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Heated Vent Filter Housings 


Single cartridge vent housing suitable for use with tanks holding liquids at elevated temperatures, such as WFI or syrups

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