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Carbon Filters

Chlorine, colour, odour reduction, and oil removal in industrial, food, beverage and water applications

Carbon filters are renowned for their exceptional ability to effectively remove impurities, odours, and contaminants from air, water, and other fluids. Utilising their highly porous structure carbon filters adsorb molecules, resulting in cleaner and purer output.

Common contaminants removed by carbon filters include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene, which are commonly found in household products, paints, and industrial emissions. Chlorine and Chloramines; Efficiently eliminate chlorine and chloramines from water, improving taste and odour. Odours and Foul Smells; Highly effective at neutralising and removing unpleasant odours and foul smells from air and water sources; Organic Contaminant remove organic contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.

Carbon Block Filters


Highest efficiency product for minimising colour, organics, and impurities in liquids, particularly beverages applications.

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Carbon Felt Filters carbon-filters-group

Maximising cost-effectiveness while maintaining efficiency in reducing chlorine, odour, colour, and trace organic levels.

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Oil Removal Filters 


A polishing stage following the use of established bulk oil removal technologies on waste water reconditioning.

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Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and certificates of conformity and validation guides can be provided upon request.

All filters used in the food & beverage markets are EU and FDA compliant for material in food contact. Additionally certain products are Halal or Kosher certified.

Filters for use in healthcare or pharmaceutical applications meet the requirements of US FDA 21 and evaluated in accordance with USP Class VI plastics.

Products provided for automotive use in paint systems are silicone free.

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