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Sidestream Filter Range

Protecting Closed Loop Industrial and HVAC Water Circuits

Our Sidestream filter range is designed to tackle the removal of particulates, rust, and contaminants that potentially clog up your closed loop industrial water circuits. In CHW, LTHW & MTHW circuits, these contaminants can wreak havoc, causing inefficiencies and system breakdowns. But worry not, our Sidestream filters are here to provide the perfect solution. These filtration systems offer an economical and highly effective filtration method for your recirculating water systems. They don't just skim the surface; they filter the entire system volume once or twice within a 24-hour cycle, ensuring maximum purity and efficiency.

Sidestream Filtration Products

Commissioning & Flushing Filters 

Tekfil Spun Filter

Depth Cartridge Filters

Bag Filters

Sidestream Systems for CHW & LTHW Circuits

Skid mounted Hygenic housings


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Sidestream Housings for MTHW Circuitspvbi-range


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