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Inline Filters

Protecting industrial, water treatment, and food & beverage manufacturing processes from contamination in raw materials, ingredients and water.

These products are initial filtration steps to control and prevent particulates and contaminates entering the manufacturing process protecting valves, pumps, seals, and heat exchangers from clogging, damage and failure. By doing this at the earliest possible point in the manufacturing process, equipment downtime is minimised, ensuring longer operational service periods, which reduces running costs.



Minimising equipment downtime and increasing servicing intervals to reduce costs by filtering liquids as they enter your site.

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All our filter products are manufactured to the highest quality standards with certificates of conformity and validation guides that can be provided upon request.

  • All filters used in the food & beverage markets are EU and FDA compliant for material in food contact. Additionally certain products are Halal or Kosher certified.

  • Filters for use in healthcare or pharmaceutical applications meet the requirements of US FDA 21 and evaluated in accordance with USP Class VI plastics.

  • Products provided for automotive use in paint systems are silicone free.

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