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Filtration Solutions for Spirits Manufacturers

It is key to ensure clarity and stability of final spirit products. Whether we are producing a dark spirit, such as whiskey or rum, or a light spirit, gin, vodka or tequila, depth and carbon filtration play a vital role ensuring that the visual aesthetic of the product in achieved without impacting its flavour.

Filtration products to solve your spirit manufacturing challenges.

Chilled haze removal

CleanPore Depth filters remove haze without impacting flavour aspects of the spirit.

Depth Filters

Hygienic Filter Housings

Removing colour from light spirits

CleanPore Carbon ensures a sparkling clean product.

Carbon Filters

Single Industrial Housings

Multi Industrial Housings

Protecting whiskies from charred barrel debris

PVBH hygienic strainers remove small particles of charred wood released into whiskies during maturation.

Hygienic Strainers

Hygienic Bag Filter Housing

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Key Concerns for Spirits Manufacturers

The two key concerns for manufacturers are the removal of particulates and the prevention or removal of chilled hazes. Particulate removal is achieved using depth or pleated depth filters to achieve desired clarity at various stages of the process (post maturation & dilution/blending; pre-final bottling).

Removal of chilled haze is more difficult problem. Every distilled dark spirit has a unique flavour due to a distinct variety of compounds they contain because of their raw materials and from the ageing process in wood barrels. Hazes occur for several reasons; lowering of temperature or when dilution with water prior to bottling takes place. We need careful selection of filter products, when removing hazes, to ensure we do not remove esters which will impact the desired characteristics of spirit.

In light spirits activated carbon filters play a key role at various stages of the process to correct colour and odour combining with depth filtration that ensures the brilliance of appearance of the final product.

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