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Hygienic Bag Filter Housings

When cleanliness with product contact is essential


Technical details

  • Housing material - 316 st.st

  • Typical flowrates - Up to 100 m3/hr

  • Bag Lengths - Size 1 & 2

  • No: of cartridges housed - 1

  • Inlet/Outlet connections - Triclamp, ASME BPE and DIN 11851  

  • Inlet/Outlet configuration: Side inlet and bottom outlet ensures complete drainage. Easy for cleaning/flushing.

  • Drain/vent connections - Triclamp

  • Surface finish options - Internal: Electropolished Ra<0.8/ External: Mechanical polish or Electropolished.

  • Design code - PED

  • Suitable for SIP/CIP - Yes


  • In general, remove and control particulate contamination in solutions or liquids
  • Chemicals used in production of Pharma APIs.
  • Process water used in food production 
  • Healthcare inclusive of creams and viscous liquids 
  • Beverages inclusive beer, spirits, honey, kombucha and soft drinks 

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Technical details [Product A] 

Filter Medium Polypropylene
Available Lengths 

9.75" (24.8cm), 10.0" (25.4cm), 20.0" (50.8cm), 30.0" (76.2cm), 40.0" (101.6cm)

Available Micron Ratings 

0.5, 1,3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100μm

Internal Diameter 

1.1" (28mm) / 4.5" (114mm)

External Diameter 

2.5" (63mm)

Max Operating Temperature  XX degrees 
Maximum Differential Pressure

 60psid @ 70°F (4.1 Bar @ 30°C) 50psid @ 122°F (3.4 Bar @ 50°C) 30psid @ 158°F (2 Bar @ 70°C) 15psid @ 180°F (1 Bar @ 82°C)

Recommended Changeout Differential Pressure

37psid (2.5 Bar) @ 30°C


All filter bags are supplied free of Silicone. FDA Approved. EU XXX.




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