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Filtration solutions for Digital Ink Manufacturers

The common concern amongst inkjet printer manufacturers is that end users start reporting inconsistent, poor jetting performance, excessive printer down time with potentially significant repair costs and that this leads to a loss of business and reputation with customer due to potential problems caused by digital inks.

To counter these threats bulk manufacture of digital inks is a filtration intensive process that often requires multiple filtration steps to be effective, preventing printed image issues with quality, repeatability, and consistency or printer user issues, such as operational downtime due to blocked nozzles. The situation is further complicated by the range of ink chemistries available (pigmented, solvent based, dye based or UV curable inks) each having differing challenges for filtration systems.

Filtration products to solve your Digital Ink challenges.

Removing gels from UV curable inks

ClearPore Depth filters are ideal for ensuring gel removal.

Depth Filters

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When MEK compatibility is the issue

PurePore Pleated depth filters offer the solution for solvent based ink.

PP Pleated Depth Filters

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Reducing change out time when changing inks

Our CleanQuik formats offers the benefit of quick change out and reduces operator exposure.

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Digital Ink Filtration

The goal is to ensure continuous printer operation, producing high quality images in every format required. Depth, pleated depth, and membrane cartridge filters all play a part in making this happen through the removal of particulates, agglomerates, gels, precipitates, etc potentially contained in the raw materials used or formed during the manufacturing process.

With the wide range of inkjet chemistries available, specific filtration solutions developed use a range of cartridge filters to obtain the optimum result but can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer on similar ink chemistries.

There are four main inkjet chemistries:


Often multiple stages of filtration are required after initial mixing to form the dispersion and again after additive addition and dilution. It is necessary to ensure removal of particulates, contaminates and oversized or agglomerates pigments from the dispersion. Depth and pleated depth filters are used.

Solvent based

We need to ensure the removal of undissolved and oversized particulate, but we have the added complication of potential chemical compatibility issues caused by MEK. Pleated depth

Dye based

Key here is the dyes are free of particulate and all organic contaminants otherwise undissolved dye components, gels or bacteria may cause issue at the printer. Typically, pleated depth filters for particulate, gels, etc and membranes used to remove bacteria, although there is discussion currently that all applications could use pleated depth filters if careful selection is made. This is a more economical solution for end users if appropriate due to initial filter and life span.

UV curable

The challenges are far different because additionally to the normal range of contaminates UV curable inks see gel formation during the production process and gels are variable in size and deformable making them difficult to remove. For this reason, depth filters are used because of their depth of filtration media.

The process of manufacturing digital inks consists of three stages (Resin process, manufacturing process and packaging). Each benefit from using cartridge filtration to prevent introduction into the process via raw materials (particulate, bacteria) and removal of potential contaminants created within the process (haze, gels). Similarly deionised water and additives used during the process need treating with similar care.

Although the continuing development of more complex ink chemistries and the improving quality of images continues a pace, filtration solutions are available and in development to meet the future challenges.

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