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Cartridge Filters, Filter Housings & Filtration Systems

Whatever filtration product you need you will find it below:

Liquid Cartridge Filters

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Membrane, depth & pleated depth cartridge filters for liquid applications & replacements of UK, Europe, US & Asian manufacturers

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Liquid Filter Housings

Hygenic housing range

St.St, GRP and plastic housings for cartridges or bags filters in industrial or hygienic liquid applications.

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Gas Cartridge Filters 

Group of Filters

PTFE membrane & GF depth cartridge filters  for compressed gas sterilization, sterile tank venting and gas prefiltration 

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Gas Filter Housings


Designed specifically for gas sterilizing & venting applications to reduce running costs by minimise differentilal pressure loss.

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Bag FiltersUntitled design-8

Industrial & food grade High-performance bag filters removing sediments, particulates, gels, corrosion products in all liquids.

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Carbon FiltersEnvirolEDIT

Removal of odours, organics, colour, chlorine, chloramines and oil contaminating aqueous solutions.

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Stainless Steel (St. St.) Filters 


Sintered or pleated St.St. steam filters that enable you to produce either process, culinary or clean steam.

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Sidestream Filtration

Tekfil Spun Filter

Filters and filtration systems designed to tackle the removal of particulate contaminants that clog up closed loop industrial water circuits.

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Food & Beverage filter Range 

Bottling line

Minimising equipment downtime and increasing servicing intervals by filtering liquids as they enter your site.

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All our filter products are manufactured to the highest quality standards with certificates of conformity and validation guides that can be provided upon request.

  • All filters used in the food & beverage markets are EU and FDA compliant for material in food contact. Additionally certain products are Halal or Kosher certified.

  • Filters for use in healthcare or pharmaceutical applications meet the requirements of US FDA 21 and evaluated in accordance with USP Class VI plastics.

  • Products provided for automotive use in paint systems are silicone free.

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