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Depth Cartridge Filters 

Guarding, clarifying and prefiltering liquids

Depth or spun filters are normally used when there is a broad range of contamination, or the range is an unknown. Due to its construction the depth cartridge filter has an exceedingly high dirt holding capacity ideal for these applications.

Depth cartridge filters are used to remove particulate and contamination such as hazes, gels, and agglomerations. This ensures the visual clarity of liquids, reduces the loading and extends the life of final filters, as well as preventing damage, blockage, or wear and tear of process pipework and equipment - valves, heat exchangers - that the liquid passes through.

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Depth Cartridge Filtration Products from Pore Filtration

Polypropylene Depth Cartridge Filter 


100% polypropylene depth cartridge filter Ideal for particulate removal when liquids contain contamination across a wide size range. 

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Nylon Depth Cartridge Filter


 100% nylon depth cartridge filter for applications in paints, inks and chemicals

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High Strength Depth Cartridge Filter


High strength depth cartridge filter particularly suitable for the filtration of viscous fluids.

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