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Save 40% on filtration costs through efficiency savings

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With the cost of living crisis, we are all looking at ways in which we can save. Extending the cartridge’s life can reduce your filtration costs by around 40% annually.

When buying a new filtration system and sizing it, consider specifying the clean differential pressure to ensure maximum efficiency. If you do not, the filter system (housing and cartridge) may be cheaper as an initial capital cost but costlier within months as you will have to replace the filter cartridge more often.

Let’s say we cut the initial clean pressure in half. It can increase the filter life by a factor of four, in theory, or 3.5 to 3.7 in real-world terms, significantly reducing the annual cost of filtration by about 40%.


The graph shows a green and red line based on 0.2 and 0.1 bar. You’ll notice that when measuring the differential pressure across the filter, it’s constant for most of the filter life. However, when you get to 2.5 bar, which is when most people change the filter, it starts at a higher pressure drop and reaches an exponential point far faster.

In other words, we have doubled the surface area of the filtration medium and the filtered liquid has the same flow rate, but we have halved the flux rate that the liquid is presented to the filter medium. It reduces the initial clean pressure differential with the corresponding increase in filter service life.

These efficiency savings are based on 0.2 or 0.1 bar. If you only have a budget for something that sizes out at 0.5 bar, you should expect to budget for high filter usage.


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