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The cost impact of incorrect sizing of filtration systems

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Incorrectly sized filters can lead to one of two poor operational situations. And in both instances the result is a higher total cost of ownership for the customer themselves.

Oversizing of Filtration Systems

Least considered is when filters are oversized. Naturally there is the additional cost of the initial installation, when the end user has paid more for the filtration system and the ongoing cost of a fill of cartridge filters.

This significantly increases any outlay, especially if the housing has expanded in diameter rather than height. An industrial housing that doubles in size - from a 10 cartridge to a 19 cartridge housing - may see the end user covering costs that are 1.6 to 1.8 times greater. If dealing with a higher specification hygienic or sanitary housing, this may prove higher still.

Although this filtration system will lead to the extended life of cartridge filters (giving lower operating costs due to the low initial clean pressure drop) if the customer is not made aware of this and they change out on a time basis, then they are disposing of cartridges before the end of their useful life.

There are also the hidden costs to consider, including the time of people changing, storing and ordering more filter cartridges than necessary.

This is the reason that an end user should always insist on pressure gauges being fitted to the system. This means they can measure the cartridge filter differential pressure, and accurately know when they have reached the end of their useful life.


Undersizing of Filtration Systems


The undersizing of filtration systems is more commonplace. This typically occurs when a contractor or end user focuses solely on the initial capital cost of the system. By extension manufacturers focus on supplying the smallest system, without necessarily explaining the consequences on the operating costs of cartridge filters for years to come.

If, for example, the housing is half the size it needs to be then it will use between three to four times the number of filter cartridges that the correctly sized filter would have.

Those savings in initial housing costs are quickly lost over the lifetime of operation, which tends to be 10 to 20 years.

This is why, whenever any new filtration system is being specified, the design clean pressure drop should always be known. Not only does it give an effective way of comparing filtration systems from different manufacturers, but also provides the end user with a means of measuring performance during initial commissioning.


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