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Sidestream Filtration

Protecting CHW, LTHW and MTHW closed loop circuits

A meticulously planned water treatment strategy effectively manages corrosion, scale, and biological contamination in HVAC building services. However, suspended particles in closed-loop water systems can compromise water treatment chemicals, hastening corrosion and fostering biological growth. This interconnectedness among scale, corrosion, biofilm, and suspended solids presents ongoing operational challenges. Integrated Sidestream filtration continuously eliminates these contaminants.

Commissioning & Flushing Filters 

Tekfil Spun Filter

Depth Cartridge Filters

Bag Filters

Sidestream Systems for CHW & LTHW Circuits

Skid mounted Hygenic housings


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Sidestream Housings for MTHW Circuitspvbi-range


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What is Sidestream Filtration?

Sidestream filtration is a proactive method for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of HVAC systems within buildings. It entails diverting a portion (10 to 20%) of the primary flow through a filtration system, treating it separately, and reintroducing the purified fluid back into the main flow. This controlled diversion facilitates continuous purification without disrupting primary operations.

Sidestream filters have demonstrated effectiveness in both new installations and the revitalisation of highly corroded and contaminated older systems that initially lacked filtration.


  1. Enhanced System Longevity: Reducing maintenance costs and ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  2. Cleaner System Fluids: Optimizing heat transfer for superior performance, lower energy consumption, and reduced operational costs.
  3. Minimised Downtime and Maintenance: Focuses on prevention rather than cure.


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