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Pleated Depth Cartridge Filters 

All your particulate control, clarification and prefiltration needs covered

When the range of particulate contamination is better understood and narrower in range then pleated depth cartridge filters are used because of their pleated filter media. This offers far better flow characteristics than similar sized depth cartridge filters, reducing initial capital cost or reducing running costs by signficantly extending the cartridge service life.

Acting as a prefilter, pleated depth cartridge filters perform an important role by protecting follow-on membrane technologies - microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis - so their efficacy and service life can be maximised.

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Pleated Depth Cartridge Filters in the Pore Filtration Range

Polypropylene Pleated Depth Cartridge Filter 


Typically the first choice on prefiltration applications. Ideal for solvent, chemicals, and process water applications

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Glass Fibre Pleated Depth Cartridge Filter


Glass fibre has better flow characteristics & longer service life compared to PP. Used in preference when compatibility allows on aqueous and biological applications.

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High Flow Pleated Depth Cartridge Filter


Large diameter cartridge format for both PP and GF pleated depth filters. Allows cost effective solutions for flows exceeding 200 m3/hr for industrial and water applications.

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CleanQuik Cartridge Filter Format

Cartridge-Housing combination-1

Ideal for preventing cross contamination and minimising times between filters. Pleated depth filter options available in PP or GF. Depth filter options also available. 

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