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SideStream Filtration 

Protecting Closed Loop Industrial and HVAC Water Circuits

The Sidestream filter range ensures the removal of particulates, rust, and contaminants that have the potential to clog up closed-loop water circuits in building services and industrial processes. In closed circuits such as CHW, LTHW, and MTHW, these contaminants can cause significant issues, leading to HVAC inefficiencies and system breakdowns. Our Sidestream filtration systems provide an economical and highly effective filtration method, guaranteeing the cleanliness of your recirculating water systems. They are designed to filter the entire system volume once or twice within a 24-hour cycle, thereby ensuring maximum purity and efficiency while reducing water usage in building services and industrial processes.

Commissioning & Dynamic Flushing Filters

Tekfil Spun Filter

Filtration products - depth cartridges & bag filters - for use in existing filter housings or Sidestream systems.

Depth Cartridge Filters 

Bag Filters

Systems for CHW & LTHW Circuits


Over time, contaminants accumulate in CHW & LTHW circuits. They pose a risk of component failures, hinder the efficacy of chemical treatments, and diminish heat transfer efficiency. Sidestream solutions prevent this.

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Housings for MTHW Circuits

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MTHW have similar contaminant issues as CHW and LTHW, but run at higher operating temperatures therefore need a different solution.

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Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and certificates of conformity and validation guides can be provided upon request.

All filters used in the food & beverage markets are EU and FDA compliant for material in food contact. Additionally certain products are Halal or Kosher certified.

Filters for use in healthcare or pharmaceutical applications meet the requirements of US FDA 21 and evaluated in accordance with USP Class VI plastics.

Products provided for automotive use in paint systems are silicone free.

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