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Membrane Cartridge Filters

When bacterial control or removal is essential

Membrane cartridge filters ensure the complete removal of microorganisms in sterile liquid applications, or spoilage organism removal to ensure shelf life in food & beverage applications. Known as final, sterile or POU filters, membranes are usually the last filter used in a manufacturing process prior to packaging.

All membrane cartridges are constructed from material meeting USFDA Title 21 and USP Class VI. The filter also meets the current USP requirements for extractables. All are steam sterilizable and integrity testable.

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Available Membrane Cartridge Filters from Pore Filtration

PES Cartridge Filters 


Polyethersulphone (PES) membrane is the preferred choice for sterilisation & stabilisation applications in Food, Beverage, Healthcare & Process Water applications.

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PTFE Cartridge Filtersmembrane-filters

Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) membrane is the choice for corrosive chemical applications due to its wide range of excellent chemical compatibility. 

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PVDF Cartridge Filtersmembrane-filters

PVDF membranes are chosen in healthcare & ophthalmic final packaging applications where preventing loss of active ingredients during sterile filtration is critical. 

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