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Pleated Cartridge Filters - Polypropylene

Polypropylene pleated depth cartridge filters for clarification of liquids or prefiltration prior to membrane filters in critical applications

Our PurePore PP pleated depth cartridge filter range is manufactured from graded density polypropylene nano fibre, which has excellent dirt holding capacity and therefore service life. An ideal choice when there is a narrow band of particulate contamination to be removed. PurePore PP offers excellent resistance to hydrolysis and chemical attack in aggressive solutions and is used in chemical applications in all process market sectors.

The PurePore PP depth filter range provides absolute or nominal in a range of removal ratings. Products are meet US FDA title 21 and USP Class VI requirements and conform to all requirements for food contact EU guidance 1935/2004.


PurePore pleated depth filters are used in critical applications in API manufacturing, Process Water, Spirits, Soft Drinks, Brewing, Digital Ink, Cosmetics, or RO protection where precise particulate removal needs to be guaranteed.

Technical details

Filter Medium

Polypropylene Nano Fiber
Filter Hardware

Polypropylene support layers, cage, core, and endcaps


A range of endcaps available to allow retrofitting of existing housings


Absolute and nominal ratings available

Micron rating range

0.2µm to 90µm

Available formats

Cartridge, Junior, HighFlow, CleanQuik or Capsule


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