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High Flow Cartridge Filter Housings

The cost-effective housing solution when liquid flow rates exceed 200 m3/hr in industrial and process applications

When liquid flowrates exceed 200 m3/hr for particulate removal applications use of the 2½” format cartridge means that high numbers of cartridges used to match the required flow. To solve this problem the 6“-high flow format was introduced along with the PVH High Flow Housing range.

PVH range of single and multi-cartridge industrial housings is suitable for industrial liquid applications. The standard high flow filter housing can be configured to accept between 1 to 7 high flow cartridges and caters for flows more than 200 m3/hr up to 1,400 m3/hr. Pressure rated to 10bar, the housing is leg mounted.

A single high flow housing replaces a multi-round holding 8 to 10 cartridges. The housings are available in vertical or horizontal orientation to make installation of high flow cartridges as easy as possible. Housings are supplied 40” and 60” lengths to maximise cartridge surface area available.


Water treatment industry for process, boiler feed, RO protection and municipal water applications, where flowrate exceeds 200 m3/hr.

Technical details

Housing material

316 Stainless Steel

Housing length

40” & 60”

No of cartridges housed

1, 3, 5, 7, 12

Typical flowrates

All liquid flowrates exceeding 200m3/hr

Inlet/outlet connections

3”- 12” Flange or butt weld

Drain/vent connections


Cartridge mounting style

High Flow SOE

Closure type options

Vee clamp/Flanged & Bolted or Rathman clamp

Suitable for SIP/CIP


Surface finish options

Electropolished/Pickle, passivated & bead blast

Design codes



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