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Depth and Pleated Cartridge Filters

Replacement cartridge filters and elements for all your particulate control and prefiltration needs

Polypropylene & Nylon Depth Cartridge Filters


A range of spun depth cartridge filters with exceedingly high dirt holding capacity for long service life. 

PP Depth Cartridge Filters

Nylon depth Cartridge Filters

Polypropylene Pleated Cartridge Filters


A range of pleated depth cartridge filters with high flow rates and long service life. Ideal for solvent, chemicals, process water applications. 

PP Pleated Cartridge Filters

Glass Fibre Pleated Cartridge Filters


A range of pleated depth cartridge filters with exceptional flow characteristics and focused on aqueous applications. 

GF Pleated Cartridge Filters

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Depth cartridge filters are used to remove particulates - such as particles, gels, and agglomerations. This ensures the visual clarity of liquids, as well as preventing the damage, blockage, or wear and tear of process pipework and equipment.

By removing large particulate matter from a fluid stream, prefilters perform an important role by protecting the follow-on membrane filters, so their service life can be maximised.

You will find depth and prefiltration products in most process industries, including:

… and more.

You can often tell you are using a depth filter by the application name – such as guard, trap or prefilter – but our experts are always on-hand to make sure you’re using the right filter to suit your needs.

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