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Hygienic Cartridge Filter Housings

PVS filter housings for all critical applications using membranes cartridges in food and beverage, process water and healthcare application

The PVS range is designed for new liquid filter applications that aim to remove microorganisms and bacteria, sterile filtration, or control the levels of spoilage organisms in liquids prior to packaging.

Typically used for liquid flow rates between up to 75 m3/hr, although duplexing or triplex-ing is possible to increase flow rate range, and operating pressures up to 10 bar. As standard produced to except industry standard SOE code 7 cartridges (2x226 O-ring/Spear).


Used in critical liquid applications such as final, sterile or point of use applications with SurePore PES or Nylon membranes in brewing, spring & mineral water, ophthalmics, process water and spirits.

Also suitable for prefiltration duties prior to sterilizing membranes or where CIP or SIP procedures will be performed and clarification duties in brewing, soft drinks, RO protection, chemicals and solvents.

Technical details

Housing material 316 Stainless Steel
Housing length 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
No of cartridges housed 1, 3, 5, 7, 12
Typical flowrates Up to 75m3/hr
Inlet/outlet connections ASME BPE, DIN 11851, Flanged, Butt weld, BSP, RJT
Drain/vent connections ASME BPE, DIN 11851, Clamp
Cartridge mounting style SOE – Code 7, 8 or 28
Closure type options Clamp or double bolted clamp
Suitable for SIP/CIP Yes
Surface finish options

Internal: Mechanical polish/Electropolished

External: Mechanical polish/Electropolished

Design codes PED, ATEX, ASME

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